• DarthGalhalladrimus

    Armor Spider Boss

    November 30, 2009 by DarthGalhalladrimus
    • Foreword

    After beating the Tower Knight you are confronted by a thick colourless fog that is inpenetrable, it says you need to slay an Archdemon to go forward. Well, the third boss you will have to fight next isn't an Archdemon, but is one step closer to it. The Armor Spider's lair is at the bottom of Stonefang Tunnel, you will have to fight many miners/officials. The miners are best fought against with pierce attacks and the Officials are just a pain in the a**. Make sure you have plenty of Moon Grass, preferably the more aged levels of it.

    • The Fight

       Ok, now you have just slew hordes of enemies and arrived at the bottom of the elevator with sweaty palms and adrenaline flowing. Walk up to the fog and enter for the final test. Inconvenientl…

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