The wiki needs to organize all the armor sets into one of 5 categories: Starting Armor Sets, Light Armor Sets, Medium Armor Sets, Heavy Armor Sets, and Unique Armors. Right now we've taken the weight amounts from the Dark Souls wiki and placed them on the pages but not actually used those for categorization purposes. However, they shouldn't be categorized like that since there aren't as many armor sets in Demon's Souls and they don't weigh as much in DeS. So in this post I'm going to list every armor set along with its weight and then I'll figure out the average of all these sets. All of these sets have been collected by myself in-game to ensure the information is correct. Also, any starting set will be listed in both Starting Armor Sets and then in its respective weight category. I'll just be listing them in weight order from lowest to highest:

  1. Black Leather Set - 3.1
  2. Shaman's Set - 3.3
  3. Rogue's Set - 4.5
  4. Wizard's Set - 5.2
  5. Leather Set - 7.9
  6. Old Raggedy Set - 9.1
  7. Venerable Sage's Set - 9.9
  8. Saint's Set - 10.2
  9. Binded Cross Set - 15.1
  10. Ancient King's Set - 20.0
  11. Chain Mail Set - 25.0
  12. Dull Gold Set - 25.0
  13. Plate Set - 25.0
  14. Fluted Set - 29.9
  15. Gloom Set - 29.9
  16. Dark Silver Set - 35.1
  17. Mirdan Set - 35.1
  18. Brushwood Set - 45.0
  19. Wanderer Set - 8.9 (Starting set for Wanderer class. Just includes Chest and Leggings of the Leather Set. It won't be included in the averaging of the armor weights.)

A decent way to categorize them would be:

  • Light Armor Sets: 3.1 - 9.9(7 sets)
  • Medium Armor Sets: 10.0 - 25.0(6 sets)
  • Heavy Armor Sets: 25.1 and above(5 sets)

This is just my suggestion. Please respond with anything you feel should be said on the subject. I feel this is a pretty important thing to figure out and it should be figured out as a community.