• Brainwasher5

    Headbutt lock?

    May 4, 2013 by Brainwasher5

    Why is the headbutt doing damage? Is it the helmet? Someone clarify.

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  • Brainwasher5

    Hyper Mode build

    April 30, 2013 by Brainwasher5

    Work in progress.


    Hunter base class.

    Dex: 40-50

    Magic: base

    Endurance: anything to allow you to equip your favorite set and still fast roll

    Strength: enough to use favorite melee weapon

    Luck: Base

    Faith: 16 (two slots for Second Chance)

    Intelligence: Enough to cast Second Chance

    Vitality: Everything else.


    Weapons: Morion Blade, a good shield on the left hand; a good dex weapon and sticky compound long on the right. Makoto for bringing down HP to suitable levels. Catalyst/Talisman.

    Rings: Clever Rat's Ring, Friend's Ring/Foe's Ring/Thief's Ring/Graverobber's Ring/other.

    Armor: Any armor you can wear without sacrificing fast roll.


    Bows represent the best use of hypermode (in my opinion) as they expose the user to minimal risk. Us…

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