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  • Aftenshnoshnikr

    Ok so im pretty new to Demons Souls, i have learnt backstabbing and the ropes from Dark Souls but since both games are only similar spiritually, anyone know how to use a Blue Eye Stone and where the best summon signs are for each area, otherwise, start a list of popular locations?

    In case your wondering, my odds of survival are always 1-108 solo, with a phantom its more like 1-20. Even with OP gear i lack the intelligence to navigate areas, adapt, monitor a bosses weaknesses and strengths and such. Heck, i i was nearly one shot by Pinwheel in DaS, even though i had a phantom helping me.

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  • Aftenshnoshnikr

    what happened?

    July 12, 2013 by Aftenshnoshnikr

    what happened to this wiki? there is barely any information of most if not all of the demon's souls wikipaedia. Was it all wiped when demon's souls lost popularity and DaS came out?

    If information would be greatly appreciated i just got the game and i'd be happy to help rebuild this wiki.

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