• I'm at a loss to understand how riposte damage works. 

    My testing of the relationship between standard attack damage and riposte damage revealed two things. First, like Dark Souls, rapiers (as well as daggers in this case) seem to have an undisplayed bonus to critical hit damage. However, I also found that the riposte multiplier seems to vary between weapon types, e.g. the shotel and the claws, having the same base attack power, deal slightly different riposte damage to the same enemy under the same conditions (namely, the claws seem to have a slightly higher multiplier). Second, I was also testing damage for fists, and my 47 Strength character had a way smaller riposte multiplier than my 12 Strength character against the same enemy under the same conditions. 

    Does anyone know where one could find the game's damage formula related to this sort of thing?

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