• How do you guys take pictures like the one on the right?
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    • i didnt take it, im guessing it was doe on a PC, of which there literally is a key on the keyboard called "print screen". press it, it screenshots your screen and in your my docs there should be a folder domewhere called Demon's Souls (or whatevr game u were playin wen u took the screenshot, like Skyrim) and in the folder will be pictures of your screenshotys. I found this picture on google because i dont have PC version for either Souls games.i mightv try and spend minutes rying to cspture a photo on my phone or tablet and render it so it looks good enough to display though.

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    • Demon's Souls was never released on the PC, though. And, as far as I know, reliable emulation software has not yet been developed for the PS3. I even checked a while ago, to see if I could get it working on my PC.

      I am guessing that there is some way to take the shots right on the PS3, by saving it on the memory card or something, and then later transferring it onto the PC.

      edit: apparently there are some methods: google search

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    • nice, i'll get some for DaS and DeS then if it works

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    • About taking screenshots at PS3 internet advice 2 ways. I just tested both on Deamons Souls.

      1. Plug in keyboard and press "PrtScr" button — doesnt work, either with USB flashdisk plugged in. 

      2. Press "PS button" + "start button" on dualshock exactly at the same moment — doesnt work as well.

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    • I personally take pictures with my phone and load them onto my laptop to slap some MSPaint magic on them. Theoretically, though, one could just screen-capture images on the internet and crop them a bit.

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