Storm Beast
Location Shrine of Storms
Drops Shard of Cloudstone
Chunk of Cloudstone
Pure Cloudstone
NG 71/111 NG+
NG 440/1040 NG+

Storm Beasts are enemies in Demon's Souls.

They are only found flying relatively high in the sky, and thus are immune to all melee attacks except, under special conditions, the Stormruler sword. They only attack by firing a large stinger barb at the player from their abdomens, which is well-telegraphed by a loud inhaling sound and a flux of air forming around the Storm Beast; this attack deals moderate physical damage. A player who is farming for Cloudstone must take care not to kill the creature while it is flying above an inaccessible area, as they are not difficult to kill and will fall to the ground exactly where they received the fatal blow.

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