Status Effects are a game mechanic in Demon's Souls.

As a general rule, status effects are an anomalous circumstance of a player, NPC, or enemy's status, possibly indicated by a special aura or, in the case of the player, an icon below the Stamina bar, as well as being temporary or reversible. One exception is Soul Drain, which is technically only reversible by leveling up to make up for the loss.

List of Status Effects (Detrimental) Edit

List of Status Effects (Beneficial) Edit

  • HP Regeneration
  • MP Regeneration
  • Weapon Damage Boost
  • Slowed Weapon Degradation
  • Defense Boost
  • Stealth
  • Soul Intake Boost
  • Poison/Plague Resistance Boost
  • Spell Boost
  • Spell Memory Boost
  • Miracle Boost
  • Miracle Memory Boost

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