Note that ALL stats increase Physical Defense. The higher your soul level is, the less damage you take from basic physical attacks - this does NOT help you against non-physical damage however.

Weapons and shields have stat requirements to be used effectively. Armor does not, but most stronger armor is very heavy, necessitating high Vit and End scores to use it effectively.

Main Attributes Effect the following stats (Courtesy of Troll, formatted by KillxZero)


  • HP
  • Load (Max Carry Weight)
  • Physical Defense


  • MP
  • Magic Memory (Number of spells you can memorize at a time: Will 10: 1; Will 14: 2; Will 18: 3; Will 24: 4; Will 30: 5; Will 40: 6)
  • Physical Defense


  • Stamina
  • Equip Weight (Total weight you can equip at any one time, going over makes you slow)
  • Physical Defense
  • Fire Defense
  • Bleed Resistance
  • Poison Resistance


  • AtkPower
  • Physical Defense


  • AtkPower
  • Falling Damage
  • Physical Defense


  • Magic Power
  • Physical Defense


  • Miracle Power
  • Miracle Memory (Num of Miracles you can memorize at a time: Faith 10: 1; Faith 16: 2; Faith 24: 3; Faith 36: 4)
  • Physical Defense
  • Magic Defense


  • ItemOccur.
  • Physical Defense
  • Plague Resistance

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