The Silver Catalyst is a Catalyst in Demon's Souls.

General InformationEdit

Although it has a weaker Spell Power rating than the Wooden Catalyst or Insanity Catalyst, the Silver Catalyst increases the wielder's maximum MP by 20% of the normal maximum while equipped.


The Silver Catalyst Is a weapon held in order to use magic.

Given only to the magicians of Yormedaar lineage.

Imbued with a unique magic, it increases the users maximum MP.

Silver Catalyst
Silver Catalyst
Royalty starting weapon
3-1 (Corpse)
Weapon type Catalyst
Attack type Blunt
Icon Physical Attack Power Icon Magic Attack Power Icon Fire Attack Power
57 0 0
Req. Param. Param. Bonus
Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Strength Dexterity Magic Faith
6 0 - - -
Icon Bleeding - Icon Poison - Icon Plague - Icon Critical -
Icon Damage Reduction Icon Guard Break Reduction Icon Durability Icon Item Weight
30.0 Physical
10.0 Magic
20 40 0.5
+20% maximum MP while in hand

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