The Shard of Archstone is a consumable item in Demon's Souls

In-Game Description

A shard scraped off of the Archstones that are scattered about in each area. Sends the user back to the Nexus.
The Archstones that the Monumentals entrusted to the elders have been forgotten, and are now left for the mice to gnaw at.

General InformationEdit

When used, the player is sent back to the Nexus. It activates much faster than the Evacuate miracle, and unlike the Nexial Binding, using it does not cause the player to lose his or her souls and body.

Shard of Archstone
Shard of Archstone
1-1 (Corpse)
Plague Rat (Rare Drop)
Patches the Hyena (Purchase)
Teleport to the Nexus