Scale Miner
Location Stonefang Tunnel

Scale Miners are enemies in Demon's Souls.


The Scale Miners are strange humanoids, covered mostly in reptilian scales and clad in crude rags for clothes. If their mining labor is interrupted, they will become aggressive, and will pursue the intruder in an attempt to kill them with an assortment of tools as makeshift weapons, including pickaxes, sacks of ore, red-hot wedges of iron, and even their own fists.


The Scale Miners are the residents of Stonefang Tunnel that, after going mad, kept digging in the mines.


The Scale Miner's drops are determined by the kind of weapon it is wielding.

Pickaxe: Pickaxe, Shard of Sharpstone

Sack: Various Upgrade Materials

Unarmed: Iron Knuckles, Shard of Spiderstone

Hammer: Mirdan Hammer, Shard of Greystone

Greatsword: Bastard Sword, Shard of Clearstone

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