Rock Worm
Rock Worm
Location Stonefang Tunnel

Rock Worm is an enemy in Demon's Souls.

They are found exclusively in the second section of the Stonefang Mines; they generally remain hidden underground until the player approaches them or takes a nearby treasure, whereupon they will emerge and attack. Their rocky skin renders them almost immune to non-magical damage, except around the exposed flesh of their mouths, which are drastically less resistant to physical damage but still quite fire resistant. They attack either by vomiting magma on the player for substantial fire damage or spinning around rapidly to inflict physical damage and knock the player backwards. Additionally, there are three Rock Worms on the very bottom level of the mines which can spray magma all around them in a fountain-like motion; attempting to pass through the cluster of worms while they are using this attack is virtually guaranteed to kill the player unless he/she has extremely high fire defense or resistance. They drop all varieties of Greystone.

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