Patches is a character in Demon's Souls.


He will appear in (2-2), where he will tell you to get a treasure that is just next to a giant Bearbug. Talk to him after you defeat the bug for a reward. He will then appear in The Nexus claiming to have reformed, and act as a very expensive vendor. He will eventually vanish again, and go to the Shrine of Storms (4-2), where he will kick the player down a hole close by in an attempt to kill the player. He can be a useful vendor so it is advised to avoid killing him.




Half Moon Grass 300 Souls

Late Moon Grass 500 Souls

Full Moon Grass 1000 Souls

Fresh Spice 800 Souls

Shard of Archstone 5000 Souls


Heavy Arrow 30 Souls

Heavy Bolt 40 Souls


Fragrant Ring 60000 Souls


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