Mirdan Hammer
Mirdan Hammer
5-2 (Corpse)
Filthy Woman (Purchase)
Scale Miner (Rare Drop, Hammer Type Only)
Weapon type Polearm
Attack type Blunt
Icon Physical Attack Power Icon Magic Attack Power Icon Fire Attack Power
95 0 0
Req. Param. Param. Bonus
Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Strength Dexterity Magic Faith
14 12 0 0 D E - -
Icon Bleeding Icon Poison Icon Plague Icon Critical
- - - 100
Icon Damage Reduction Icon Guard Break Reduction Icon Durability Icon Item Weight
40.0 Physical
10.0 Magic
25 200 3.5

The Mirdan Hammer is a Polearm in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

A pole weapon with a hard protrusion.
Pole weapons can mow down many targets in a single blow but are difficult to handle and require both strength and dexterity to use.
Mird, now long lost, is the name of the area where the first temples were built, so this weapon holds a special meaning amongst priests.