Location 3-2
Drops Mixed Demon's Soul
2,790 (each)
Icon Normal Icon Blunt Icon Slash Icon Pierce Icon Magic Defense Icon Fire Defense
152 152 152 152 127 103
Icon Bleeding Icon Poison Icon Plague
Strong Strong Strong
Stats are sourced from Atlus's Official Demon's Souls Guide

The Maneater is a boss in Demon's Souls.


Twin demons who reside high above the Fool's Idol Archstone. They are chimera-like beasts in appearance, with the body of a beast, bat wings, a serpent in place of a tail, and a vaguely human head with luminous green eyes. Based upon speculation, they are products of the Old Monk's experiments on prisoners of Latria, as he attempted to create demons of his own. The Maneaters can scream sonic projectiles and are adept in melee combat. The serpent affixed to a Maneater's back can spew magic as a ranged attack, and at times, it will bite into the Maneater hosting it, thus imbuing the monster with magic energy.

The Serpent will act independently from the rest of the body.


They are fought on a narrow walkway area, this adds the danger of falling to your doom into the mix. At the start there is only one Maneater, but after 1:00 minute passes, another Maneater will fly in and join the fight. While on the walkway, their attacks consist of swipes, a lunging attack, and a self-buff (the snake bites the Maneater) which can be stopped by either staggering it or cutting its tail off. When it is flying, it will shoot Soul Arrow.

By standing against the fog door, it is possible to shoot at the first Maneater and damage or even kill it before entering the arena. The Maneater does not retaliate. However, if using the Lava Bow, the Maneater can be knocked out of range. If the first Maneater is killed or heavily damaged before entering the fog door, the second Maneater immediately spawns.