Knight (enemy)
Location Boletarian Palace

Knight (enemy) is an enemy in Demon's Souls, found throughout the Boletarian Palace. There are four varieties: Knight Sword-wielding Blue-Eyed Knights, Knight Sword-Wielding Red-Eyed Knights, Winged Spear-Wielding Knights, and Claymore-Wielding Knights. All are relatively weak to piercing and magic damage and drop healing grasses when killed. Knight Sword-Wielding Blue-Eyed Knights carry a Knight Sword and Knight Shield and have a chance to drop both when killed, as well as throwing knives or an Ed's Grindstone. They commonly attack with a three-step charging thrust, a double slash followed by a thrust, a shield bash followed by a thrust, or a slow, heavy overhead slash. All its attacks are parry-able. Knight Sword-wielding Red-Eyed Knights have the exact same move set and item drops, merely boasting a significant increase in HP, defenses, and attack damage. Winged Spear-Wielding Knights carry a Knight Shield and a Winged Spear. Upon being killed, they have a chance to drop a Winged Spear or a Purple Flame Shield. They commonly attack with a shield bash, a double thrust, a slow, heavy thrust, or a charging thrust. This variety is almost always in defensive posture when not attacking. All of its attacks are parry-able, but the charging thrust is almost completely untelegraphed and deals repetitive damage which can potentially stunlock the player to death. Claymore-Wielding Knights carry a Claymore and have a chance to drop their weapon upon being killed. They commonly attack with a slow triple slash followed by an overhead slash, a fast triple slash followed by an overhead slash, or just an overhead slash. Generally, Claymore-Wielding Knights boast the highest attack damage of any other knight enemies in the area, but are unable to block incoming attacks.

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