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King Allant

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King Allant is a boss in Demon's Souls.

King Allant
Location Below The Nexus
Drops Soulbrandt


He is located below The Nexus, accessible only after slaying all the other bosses, making him the last boss in the game.


By the time you reach him he has become a giant human shaped blob that can barely move besides trying to body slam you.


The sad part about this final boss is the fact that he is the easiest boss in the whole game. He barely moves and doesn't really try to make any effort in trying to come near you. If you wanna go for the even easier route of fighting this boss then just bring a bow along with some arrows. If you wanna take the challenge route then make sure you are good at dodging his slam attack because even though he's the easiest boss in the game doesn't mean he won't hit hard.


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