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King Allant

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King Allant is a boss in Demon's Souls.

King Allant
Location Below The Nexus
Drops Soulbrandt


He is located below The Nexus, accessible only after slaying all the other bosses, making him the last boss in the game.


An abomination of bloated brown and green flesh that was once King Allant XII. The sword Soulbrandt is stuck to one of its appendages. He speaks with a distorted voice, claiming that the Old One is God's way of purging mankind's corruption from the world.


King Allant in this form has moderate HP (comparable to that of the Leechmonger) and no particular weaknesses. He has only one attack, a short-range ram attack that deals moderate physical damage; this attack grants him hyper armor, so should the player's HP be below ~30%, it would be advisable to carefully watch King Allant's movements while attacking in melee range. He also is incapable of moving faster than walking pace, rendering him completely defenseless against ranged attacks or melee weapons with a long reach (e.g. a Large Sword or a Spear. Once King Allant is dead, the player may either exit the Old One's innards or kill the Maiden in Black; either option ends the current playthrough, triggering the "good" and "bad" ending respectively.


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