Item burden is a game mechanic in Demon's Souls. It is a measure of the amount of weight units that the player character can carry at once. While current equipment on the player character contributes to the player character's equipment burden, items or equipment that are not being worn by the player character only contribute to item burden. Item burden does not affect the player character's movement speed. Maximum item burden can be increased by leveling up Vitality. If the player attempts to take an item that weighs more than the difference between his or her current and maximum item burden, the item will remain on the ground and the player will receive a message that he or she cannot take the item without becoming overburdened. If the player attempts to take several items at the same time, all items that are light enough to fit in the player character's inventory without exceeding maximum item burden are added to the inventory, while any items that would exceed maximum item burden are excluded and the "overburdened" message is displayed at the bottom of the item register. The player can decrease item burden manually by disposing of held items via the drop command in his or her inventory menu.

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