The Insanity Catalyst is a Catalyst in Demon's Souls.

Insanity Catalyst


In-Game Description

A catalyst wrapped in golden cloth.

Forged from the Soul of the Demon Old Monk, it causes insanity in the wielder and drastically increases the strength of spells, but halves the wielder's maximum MP.

If you have no dreams for the future, you may want to place your trust in the power of the golden garb.


This catalyst is created by giving Blacksmith Ed the Yellow Demon's Soul (along with the Red Hot Demon's Soul) along with one of the following:

General InformationEdit

The Insanity Catalyst has easily the highest magic adjust of any of the catalysts (and the Talisman of Beasts, along with the highest scaling for the Magic stat. However, it halves available MP.

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