Graverobber Blige is a character in Demon's Souls.

General InformationEdit

  • First found locked in a cell in the 4-1. The Copper Key is needed to open the cell.
  • If he is freed, he moves to the start of 4-2 after Adjudicator has been slain.



Half Moon Grass 400 Souls

Late Moon Grass 800 Souls

Fresh Spice 300 Souls

Soul Remains 500 Souls

Sticky White Stuff 5000 Souls

Kunai 200 Souls

Upgrade MaterialsEdit

Shard of Darkmoonstone 3000 Souls

Shard of Cloudstone 3000 Souls


Scimitar 1000 Souls

Falchion 1500 Souls

Short Bow 1500 Souls

Long Bow 3000 Souls

Leather Shield 1000 Souls


Arrow 10 Souls

Wooden Arrow 5 Souls

Light Arrow 50 Souls

Fire Arrow 50 Souls

Holy Arrow 200 Souls


Leather Cap 500 Souls

Leather Armor 1500 Souls

Leather Gloves 800 Souls

Leather Boots 800 Souls

* In 4-2

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