Fluted Set
Fluted Set Male
Icon Normal 90 Icon Pierce 90
Icon Blunt 90 Icon Magic Defense 51
Icon Slash 108.7 Icon Fire Defense 64
Icon Bleeding Icon Poison Icon Plague
60 39 0.0
Weight 29.9
Durability 250
Gender Unisex
Type Heavy Armor

The Fluted Set is a Heavy Armor Set in Demon's Souls.


General InformationEdit

This set boasts above average physical defense and decent magical and fire defenses at the cost of a heavy weight and and a slower stamina recovery. It can be specially useful early-game, where physical damage is predominant, as long as the player can bear its heaviness.

Set PiecesEdit


The characters featured in the intro cutscene as well as on the game cover art wear the male version of the Fluted Set.

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