Fluted Leggings
Fluted Leggings
Icon Normal 21.0 Icon Pierce 21.0
Icon Blunt 21.0 Icon Magic Defense 12.0
Icon Slash 25.2 Icon Fire Defense 15.0
Icon Bleeding Icon Poison Icon Plague
14.0 9.0 0.0
Weight 6.9
Durability 250

The Fluted leggings are legs armor pieces in Demon's Souls. They are part of the Fluted Set.

In-Game Description

Iron leggings with finely cut grooves. They used by the knights of the relatively advanced region of southern Boletaria. The fine grooves are designed to enhance the protective effect of the thin iron sheet.
Their heaviness slightly impedes stamina regeneration.


General InformationEdit

It is the lightest Heavy leggings, along with the Gloom Leggings, however, it haves the lowest defenses of all them.

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