Compound Long Bow
Compound Long Bow
Weapon type Bow
Attack type
Icon Physical Attack Power Icon Magic Attack Power Icon Fire Attack Power
45 0 0
Req. Param. Param. Bonus
Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Strength Dexterity Magic Faith
22 12 0 0 D E - -
Icon Bleeding Icon Poison Icon Plague Icon Critical
- - - -
Icon Damage Reduction Icon Guard Break Reduction Icon Durability Icon Item Weight
0 0 100 2.0

The Compound Long Bow is a bow in Demon's Souls.

Description Edit

In-Game Description

A large composite bow
Its use requires strength but have higher power. Ranged weapons require the equipping of arrows as well as a bow. Also, from the position of readying an arrow, an aimed shot is possible with [L1].


General InformationEdit

For Dexterity-based builds, the Sticky Compound Long Bow +5 is the best bow in the game in terms of damage, although the White Bow still outclasses it in terms of range.