Black Turpentine is a consumable item in Demon's Souls.

In-Game Description

Natural resin collected from a black pine tree. Apply it to the right-hand weapon to cover it in fire. The flame is much stronger compared to regular turpentine, though it does not last as long.
Cannot be applied to wooden weapons.

General InformationEdit

When used, Black Turpentine is applied to the user's right-hand weapon, if applicable. The weapon burns with a flame that deals more fire damage than regular Turpentine. Weapons that inherently deal fire or magic damage, are under the effects from a different buff, or are made of wood (namely the Club, Great Club, and Istarelle) cannot have Black Turpentine applied to them.

Black Turpentine
Black Turpentine
Depraved One Spearmen (Drop)
5-1 (Corpse)
Filthy Woman (Purchase)
Set right-hand weapon on fire